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Mural Inquiries

Fill out the form below for an estimate. Make sure to attach a photo of the wall/space you’d like painted, any photos for design inspiration, and the width and height of the full area. 

About the artist, Maegan (Mae) Carroll-Simmons

I am a muralist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Lakeland, FL. My work can be found throughout Lakeland at Union Hall, The Balance Culture, Catapult Lakeland, The Stationery Loft, Lakeland Eye Clinic, Method Tans, and in St. Petersburg, FL at COhatch, in addition to residential murals.

My work mostly consists of florals and subjects inspired by nature, hand lettering, or geometric designs. I am always looking for blank walls where I can explore new ideas and more creative subjects. Let’s work together!

Mural FAQs

  • Step 1 - Site Visit: You will meet with me (Maegan) at the mural site or we'll chat on the phone to go over your ideas, expectations, and what type of artwork you're looking for. I'll take some measurements of the wall and examine the texture. 
  • Step 2 - Deposit: We'll discuss budget and I'll send an estimate over via email. Once this is approved, you'll make a deposit online.
  • Step 3 - Mock-up Design: After the deposit is received, I'll work on designs and mock-ups to go over with you. Sometimes, this will take a week or two as we make changes and adjustments to the artwork. To save time, mock-ups are usually rough drafts or sketches and won't be as detailed as the final mural.
  • Step 4 - Painting: After the mock-up is approved, I'm ready to start painting! (You must have walls and surfaces thoroughly cleaned and prepped before this step.)
  • Step 5 - Final Payment: Painting is complete and final payment is received. Tagging in you social media posts of your new mural is always appreciated 🙂

Murals take up to 4 weeks to paint depending on the complexity of the design, and the size of the wall.

Mural projects are estimate-based. Pricing is determined by the size, texture, and location of the area that needs to be painted, and the complexity of the design/artwork.

Mural estimates include all paints and supplies. However, if a lift, scaffolding, or any other rental equipment is required, those will be at the client's expense. (Lifts are required for murals beyond 12ft high). Lodging and travel expenses will also be at the client's expense.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer work on mock-ups or sketches before receiving a deposit. If you'd like to have a sketch or mock-up before locking in a mural project, we can simply quote a separate price for a stand alone mock-up or design. If you decide later you'd like to move forward, we will discount the price of the mock-up from your mural estimate. 

I use professional grade mural and theme paints or exterior paints that are weather and UV resistant. If you're worried about the longevity of your mural, you can request additional protection with a UV resistant clear coat for an additional fee. This is recommended case-by-case and not necessary for all murals.

Absolutely! I provide both mural and design services across the globe. However, if travel is required, lodging or plane tickets, will be the responsibility of the client for the duration of the project. 

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