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Showcase your brand with thoughtful design.

Graphic Design

Although we offer many   areas of creative services, at our core we are a design studio.
Visual branding is an ongoing process for any business. There will always be an advertisement to promote a new product, posters and invitations for an upcoming event, or a brochure that needs updating. We can help you develop the marketing materials you need to continue spreading brand awareness. We develop graphics for a variety of media including: Custom Apparel, Flyers & Brochures, Posters, Social media, Invitations, Billboards, Trade Show Displays, and more. Printing services: When working with print materials, we cover the project from start to finish, such as handling physical proofs to ensure color accuracy, choosing papers and coatings, finding solutions, and other related tasks until the project is handed off to the client.

Visual Branding

A brand is more   than just a logo.
Your logo is simply one piece of the brand identity puzzle, along with elements such as color palettes, fonts, content or copy, a website, graphics, and other designed goods. The best visual branding conveys the voice and goals of your business through intentional design, photography, and writing. Our visual branding packages are customizable, and includes everything needed to get your business up and running.

Art & Creative Direction

Some projects have a bigger vision and therefore require greater planning, designing, problem-solving, and oversight. Our creative and art direction services provide you with the expertise and management skills you need to outline and execute your project from start to finish, ensuring the end product is cohesive and impactful and that you have the necessary materials to reach your goals effectively.

Choosing Carroll Design Co. as your creative or art director is a great option for smaller companies that do not have someone to fill this role full-time.


Skillfully created photos make all the difference when it comes to your business’ presentation and level of professionalism. Strengthen your brand’s presence with product photography, portrait photography, and styled shoots.

Looking for a personal photographer instead? We also offer portrait sessions to capture engagements, maternity, family portraits, and other precious moments.

Website Design

A professionally crafted website is a must-have for any business since it’s often your customer’s first experience with your services and products. Our priority is to develop a website that is built with your customer’s needs and SEO in mind—one that reflects your brand image, is user-friendly, and is easily found on search engines. In addition to an artful design, you’ll receive personalized written and photographic content, illustrations, shops, and customized features.

Social Media

Showcase your services or products through an organic social media strategy that’s centered on your brand’s culture, personality, and mission. Our team will create an optimized posting calendar, write captions that increase engagement, complete market research on relevant hashtags, and even schedule content for automatic posting to your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or TikTok accounts.

Content & Copywriting

How well do your website and marketing materials reflect your business and goals? Let us help you showcase your brand’s uniqueness and value with personalized written content for digital and print, such as writing for websites, brochures, flyers, and presentations.

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships   that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another."

Seth Godin


Project timelines vary based on the complexity of the request. However, here is a list of average timelines for our most popular projects.

    • Logo design: 4+ weeks
    • Website design: 6+ weeks
    • Photography: 3+ weeks

Maintaining an efficient stream of communication is key to keeping a project on track. You can help us maintain or potentially shorten a project timeline with quicker responses to emails, meetings, forms, and questionnaires.

Every project is different, just like our clients. Due to this, our services are estimate-based. Each project has a starting price. If we find that your project requires more work to ensure it’s better suited to your needs, the price will increase. Your price estimate will reflect this change and other cost information. 

Schedule a consultation so we can determine an appropriate price for your project.

Logos: We provide logos as .AI, JPEG, PNG, and EPS file types. This enables you to use your designs across multiple print and digital platforms.  

Photos: Photos are provided as both web and print-resolution JPEG files. 

Check with your printer: There are certain specifications designs must meet to accommodate various printing methods. Prior to printing, please make sure your printer and our team are on the same page about your project. This will help you ensure your design turns out exactly how you want it and avoid additional printer setup fees. 

If you’d prefer our team to oversee your printing rather than doing it on your own, we are happy to do so.


If you would like to receive a specific file type, please let us know at the beginning of your project so we can accommodate your request.

We deliver photos and design files via digital links. These links are temporary. After receiving your files, please make sure to download them to an external source so you don’t lose them.

We provide website design clients with an editor login to their site, which grants them access to publish blog posts, make simple edits, see plugins, manage e-commerce, and complete other web management tasks. If you prefer not to manage these features on your website, we are happy to do this for you.

  1. We begin the project process with a consultation call or an inquiry form, where we get an idea of the project type, time frame, and budget. 
  2. If we are currently accepting new projects and we are a good fit for you, you’ll receive a notification via email with links to our client interview and a copy/content questionnaire. Please fill these out to the best of your ability as they help us better understand your project and how you’d like to present your brand to your target audience. 
  3. If additional meetings are needed, the client may meet with us in person or virtually. Most of our work is conducted remotely and is strictly digital to maintain efficiency. 

We are reachable Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. As Carroll Design Co. operates under a hybrid-remote model, our team is not in the office every day during these hours. Please book an appointment if you would like to schedule an in-person meeting. We are located in the heart of Downtown Lakeland, FL at 211 E. Main Street.

To book your free 15-minute consultation call, click here. After selecting the best date and time for you from the options available, provide your contact information and any notes we should be aware of prior to the meeting. (There is also an option to change the time zone for clients who do not use Eastern Time.) You will receive a confirmation email shortly after sewubmitting your appointment request.

To change your appointment details, please e-mail

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